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FLYINGBUCK  STUD is located only a short 30 minutes drive north of  Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh, and sits amid the picturesque, rolling, fertile countryside of the Kingdom  of Fife.

In the lands surrounding FLYINGBUCK STUD, the Stuart monarchs of Scotland regularly used to hunt from the beautiful and impressive Renaissance jewel of nearby Falkland Palace.

Our objective here at FLYINGBUCK STUD is to consistently breed, year after year, equally beautiful and impressive  Premium Quality Sport Horses for competition and the show ring. Our bloodlines are superb, world-class, predominantly dressage lines, although we will use dual purpose or showjumping lines where these will compliment our own BROODMARES'  strengths.

However, that is only part of what we seek to achieve here at  FLYINGBUCK  with our highly selective breeding programme...

Breeding beautiful and impressive premium quality Sport Horses is simply not enough at FLYINGBUCK; our horses must also possess top-class conformation, expressive movement, graceful athleticism and, equally importantly, they must possess top class temperaments thereby providing a sound base in later life towards developing trainability and rideability.

By only using semen from proven, top-class, international, fully Licensed and Graded Stallions to Artificially Inseminate our Graded Mares, we also aim to breed premium quality from premium quality.

Moreover, as well as choosing proven  SIRES USED,  we also place a very strong emphasis on both the quality and temperament of the mare. This helps ensure that every foal we produce here at FLYINGBUCK will also possess true world-class quality, will be conformationally correct and have that all important even temperament.

In producing only a few  FOALS  each year, we are able to give FLYINGBUCK stock the very best possible start in life with the one-on-one attention that they deserve. With consistent daily handling, we aim to produce foals that are well handled, well mannered, of sound temperament and trainability for our clients to take home at weaning. Full details of stock currently available may be viewed on our  FOR SALE  page.

As our mares and foals all live outdoors together in our well maintained, safe paddocks, this aids the promotion of herd integration, security and support for each equine. By living outdoors as nature intended as far as possible, the prime goals of sound mind, wind and limb for our stock can be readily realised; moreover, in maintaining our horse management ethos, healthy inter-equine social skills and good manners are also learned and developed by our foals from an early age. As a result, all of our foals will have excellent health, both physically and mentally and will also have had regular farrier visits, de-worming and innoculations.

By strictly adhering to our breeding philosophy, both we and our clients can be assured that a FLYINGBUCK horse will continue to be a pleasure to own for the whole of it's life. Our reputation rests on the long-term satisfaction of our clients who are only too ready to attest to the success and soundness of our breeding philosophy. Combining that with our superb after-sales service and advice where sought, clients can be assured that the Stud is always only a telephone call away if required.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our website today and that you will come back regularly for the latest  NEWS  and updates of life here. We also look forward to welcoming you, in person, to FLYINGBUCK STUD very soon.

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