Breeding Premium Quality Sport Horses

Sires Used 2010

Once again, after much meticulous research and evaluation undertaken worldwide, we have now chosen the sires to best compliment our five BROODMARES.

This season, three very exciting stallions from Paul Schockemöhle have made it to our final selection.

By continually maintaining our usual high standard of only ever inseminating from the finest quality, fully graded and licensed warmblood stallions, the Stud is confident that we will once again look forward to some exciting new additions in 2011.

Further details, photographs and videos of the  SIRES USED 2010  and our  BROODMARES  can be found by clicking on the names in GREEN, below...


                               SURPRICE  x  GOLDEN SUNSHINE  FB  -  Foal due 26 April 2011




                                 SARKOZY  x  St.Pr.St.  HATARA  FB  -  Foal due  28 April 2011





                                      SHEIKH  IT  x  SEMPRA  FB  -  Foal due 20 June 2011





All of the above are available to purchase in utero for 2011 - please  CONTACT US  for further details.