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State Premium/Elite Hanoverian Mare

Born 2004  Black

His Highness x Longchamp x Bolero

Performance Tested, Germany 05 June 2007

Walk  9, Trot  7, Canter 8, Overall 8, Rideability 9

Mare Show, Adelheidsdorf, Germany 07 June 2007

Best 3 Year Old Mare - Awarded State Premium Title

Reserve Champion of the Mare Show (from 62 mares forward)


2008 - Black filly by Danone 1 - SOLD

2009 - Dark bay filly, SIENNA FB, by Scolari (Sandro Hit x De Niro x Weltmeyer), born 17 March - SOLD

2010 - Black colt, SHOLTO FB, by San Amour (Sandro Hit x Plaisir d'Amour x Arithmetik), born 06 April - SOLD

2011 - Black filly,  SILKE  FB  by  SARKOZY  - born 22 April 2011, at 3am - this filly is  FOR SALE

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From Der Hannoveraner Magazine - September 2007

"St.Pr.A. Hatara v. His Highness/Longchamp (Z.: Volker Dusche, Isernhagen) der Zuchtgemeinschaft Bramall und Dusche, Isernhagen, die darüber hinaus mit einem guten Zuchtstutenprüfungsergebnis punktete".

St Pr Hatara was bred by two time Canadian Olympic rider Leonie Bramall and top breeder Volker Dusche at Gestüt Mühlenort, Germany.

St Pr Hatara was Reserve Champion of her class in Germany in 2006 as a 2 year old.

In 2007, she completed a very good scoring Mare Performance Test.
At the Mare Show in Adelheidsdorf, she won the
3 year old class and gained her State Premium Title.

She then went on to become Reserve Champion of the whole Mare Show (from 62 mares forward!).

Her dam, St Pr La Lou, was herself an auction foal in Verden. In addition she was awarded 1a-Premiums several times and was Class Winner of Regional Mare Shows including the Louis-Weigels Show. She completed a very good mare testing.

Duchamp (by De Niro) was St Pr La Lou`s first foal and was sold at the Klosterhof Medingen Auction in 2005 for 75,000.00 Euros.

The Grand-dam, St Pr Bacardi (by Bolero) was herself a Successful Show Mare, Class Winner and also Winner of 1a Premiums at the shows.

With St Pr Alexis (by Ataturk) as great grand dam, we witness an absolute "Show Queen" who as well as Winning many Show Titles also carried the Hannoverian Colours successfully at the National German Show.

The great, great, grand-dam, St Pr Waleska (by Wolfsburg - Absatz) can also look back on a superb Mare Show career, at the Louis-Wiegels and Ratje-Niebuhr Shows with 10 Class Wins and 4 Championship Titles!

St Pr Hatara's sire, HIS HIGHNESS, was the unchallenged winner of the Hanoverian licensing in 2002 and was sold for the price record of 515,000 € to Leatherdale Farms/USA. Since that time, he has confirmed his reputation as an exceptional stallion. Despite his high demand as a breeding stallion, he started his career as show dressage horse under the training of Klaus Balkenhol.

His Highness was Champion at his Stallion Performance Test in Prussendorf in 2003, receiving a Total Score of 149.24. His outstanding quality was rewarded with the dressage index of 155.04, the highest score in this class. He received a 9 for willingness to work, 10 for character, a 9.25 from his guest rider and a 10 from the training leader for rideability.

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